October 25, 2012

Pictures from September

Gilbert in his apron reading  

Cooking while Mommy cooks

Helping me cross-hatch pb cookies

Every once in awhile, Lily looks completely un-Lily in a picture. This is sort of one of those pictures.

Lily's bouquet

Stroller buddies

At Holly and Hayden's house. Andrew had just mown the lawn, so the kids were collecting grass for a big grass pile. 

Those Earl girls. And Elsie.

Nina and I

Nina and Holly

Dad's birthday

Lily on her birthday afternoon

Spaghetti sauce boy

Gilbert playing with Cathy, his speech therapist

Concord grape skins. Clover was making jam.

Concord grape innards

Making cider

in their home made cider press. A bit messy


Frothy cider


I liked those grape skins

Cute Elsie girl

Cake Owen made Ashley for her birthday

Little pumpkin in a pope like hat

Laughing baby





Sheena said...

I guess I never knew how grape jelly was made. Or that anyone had the time and patience to skin grapes!
Cute pictures of Elsie!!

Bethaney said...

Concord grapes ARE easier to peel than regular grapes, but grape jam is still quite a process. They have seeds too. Apparently in jam, you leave the skins in and in jelly, you skin them out. Clover is much more patient about things like that!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Elsie is ridiculously cute. And you take a lot fewer pictures per month than you used to.

Verity Earl said...

Hey, I know those Earl girls! We're probably going to be like the Jones Sisters; even when we're old and have married and have had totally different names for many long years, we'll still be known as the Earl Girls and the Vaughan Girls. Hey, cute baby you got there!

laura said...

Great pictures! Your kids are so stinkin' cute!

And I like the new background - very fall!