October 5, 2012

Happy Dance

I am not actually doing a happy dance. That phrase has been on my mind for some reason, so I am just going to say it. Or write it.

#1--Days with the workers. It does my heart a world of good. So, so happy to be able to have them stay.

#2--Weekend plans. Involving seeing my husband after a week of him being gone, going to see Clover, driving down with Mum, and going to the farmer's market in Syracuse.

#3--JoAnn's Fabric is having their Columbus Day sale. 50% off clearance fabrics AND $25 off a $75 purchase. Oh yeah. Not that I need fabric in the least, but there were some nice, thick quilting fabrics that I thought were cute at $12 a yard on clearance and so.... Well I kind of bought them for $2 a yard today.

25 yards total of fabric and 6 sewing patterns for $57. Yeah, I feel like giving myself a high five.

#4--My friend from Alaska, Tricia just sent me some new cloth diapers for Elsie. They are BestBottom brand and so far, I am loooooving them. Cute, leakproof, and easy to use. I know. I am a dork. But this really, really thrills me. I need a life.

#5--Homemade salsa. It's what's for lunch.

And just some more reasons to be happy from this week....


Verity Earl said...

Oh, I am thrilled about the cloth diapers! I really want to use them when I have kids too, but so many people are always saying how they "could never" and it's "so much work." These are the same people who don't want to breastfeed, because they "don't feel like it." So I'm happy to hear a hippie momma's point of view!

And I love everything else, too. :-)

Rebekah said...

Wohoo, a happy dance indeed! Sounds lovely! I didn't use cloth diapers back when...but they didn't have nice ones like they do now.

And fabric? Eek...I have a quilt from last winter to finish FIRST. Then maybe I can look at quilt fabrics again!

And yea, husbands and workers...both are nice to have around! Husbands all the time, workers when ever they can be!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

My kids were doing a literal happy dance today because you were coming down. Great fun.