April 25, 2012


 I did threaten a nauseating amount of pictures of my precious wee children. And I am all about follow through. So here are the pictures. Mixed in with some non-kid pictures just to throw you off.

This is one of Lily's favorite pastimes. We have a circle through the kitchen, the dining room, and the entry way. Lily and Orianna like to run and run around it. Lily says she is doing her exercise, getting power. I am not sure where she got this, but her love of running in circles explains her skinny-mini-ness. 

And running in circles is that much better when you can wear a too big baseball cap, elephant pants, and sparkly sneakers. 

Gilbert in Orianna's circle skirt. I had just made these for the girls and they had been wearing these the night before and twirling incessaantly. So Gilbert had to try it out. Mostly he just thought it was funny.

My darlings


Orianna LOVES choosing her own outfits on days off. Generally, she does pretty good. But occasionally she gets greedy and wants to wear all her favorite things at once, even if the end result looks something like this. I think this is evidence of my growth as a parent. When Orianna was small, she was generally coordinated, matching Lily, and looking just so. Or at least I liked to think so. Now I say "Huh." And boring things like "You can't wear your summer meeting shoes on a walk with black smartwool socks." I did however let her and Lily wear bonnets as we walked to Grandma and Grandpa's the other day. Just so people could ask Orianna in more serious tones if she is really Amish. Apparently they don't see the irony in asking someone with garrishly bright colors on if they are Amish. Since the Amish have moved into the area more, maybe people don't ask them that as much as they did when I was in school. Being the fourth Vaughan kid, I didn't get asked it too much, since by then, most of the school had accepted the Vaughans as just crazy. Still, I heard it several times a year. 

Installing the dishwasher--fascinating! 

Pussy willows

Hanging out with Uncle Toad

Amy's brilliant bunny cake

Amy trying on Orianna's bonnet in a slightly blurry fashion

Picnic at Owen and Ashley's!

Those hard working Vaughans. They don't even have time to smile. Hahahah! They were apparently caught a little off guard in this picture. Or maybe they were paying more attention to my kids than I was and telling them to be careful about something.

Our fancy-pants picnic

Orianna waiting for the bus. On a warm day. We are back to being fully covered up, since the morning temperatures are in the 30's.

Gilbert likes waiting for the bus too

Cute little fat boy!

Lily swinging Gilbert's shoe. Hilariously funny.

Gilbert without his swinging shoe. He loves the slide, but he hates to actually commit to going down it by pushing off. So he just sits up there until Lily comes and pushes him down. Then he laughs uproariously. 

An upside down Lily

A picnic on the swing set. We like picnics. 

I think this is called creeping Charlie. It is all over the lawn. I like the speckled throat of it. 

Strawberry flowers. 
Yup, I seriously took pictures of flowers on top of an orange peel. But the orange-ness was pretty in the sunshine! 

The other night, I walked into the kitchen to see this. It looked like a Yoga studio. I love Gilbert doing his thing while Orianna and Lily try to touch their heads with their feet. Yesterday, we got the new Athleta catalog, so the girls took it and tried to copy all the yoga moves from it. Seriously, I am not sure where they get this yoga and running thing. Must be from their sedentary parents. 


Verity Earl said...

I think they get the yoga thing from me, who taught them several moves when they came to visit Nina in WV. They're just that brilliant that they remember. :)

I love the pictures! Adorable children.

laura said...

Haha! Too cute!

Virginia said...

I love every single pic! What a splendid bunch of children you have! What a splendid life! And I was just obsessing over Creeping Charlie (weird name, really) the other day b/c I had never noticed the speckled throats and the cool little stars on the inside. Fabulous.