April 20, 2012

Egg and Kale Breakfast Quesadilla and other kale-y things

Blogger has a new look. Disconcerting. It also has all my blog stats on my dashboard. This is unfortunate, since I never looked at my stats before and now I see that people visited my blog yesterday and there was nothing new there. I now feel guilty. I must apologize for wasting your time yesterday. I think this is blogger's sneaky way of guilting every blogger into blogging every day. So from here on out, I will blog continuously. Even if I have nothing to say. Look forward to pointless comments, endless pictures of my desperately cute children, and lots of recipes for things like cinnamon toast and PBJ's. We will go for quantity, not quality.

First, let me stop and wipe up Orianna's spilled Honey Bunches of Oats. Gilbert seems to think sitting on the table with a big book right next to Orianna's bowl is the only place he can really read books this morning. Boys. Orianna is home sick today with a 102 degree fever. There are no other symptoms, so now I have to decide if I should drag her half an hour to the doctor or keep her home and let her rest (okay, play Polly Pockets) and get better. We were planning on heading down to a weekend with Clover and Evan's but now that is up in the air. Decisions, decisions. Bring potential sickness to cousins or not? Toughie.

Now on to the recipe. This will be a legit recipe that I have been meaning to post for awhile now. The original recipe is from a cookbook I read awhile ago--Big Girls in Little Kitchens I believe it is called. This isn't a real recipe, since it is just full of suggestions rather than actual quantities. I love recipes like this.

Saute some greens (Kale happens to be a favorite of mine, but I have used swiss chard, spinach, etc) with whatever else you want (onions and anything else that can be sauteed that is in your refrigerator and looks like it is about to go bad--mushrooms for me this morning) An no, these pictures aren't from this morning. I took these sometime in March.

Generally I cook enough Kale and onions for a few quesadillas. That way I don't have to wash and chop every morning when I feel like I need to eat THIS INSTANCE.

Kale seems to get better the more you cook it, being particularly delish if you slightly burn it. But maybe that is my own weirdness. 

Then you make scrambled eggs (I like two) and dump some of the sauteed goodness in. 

THEN you move the whole mess into another pan that has been heated with oil and salt and put it inside a tortilla. Chop some mozzerella into the mix.  

Cook the quesadilla to golden, salty, crusty perfection.

And if some cheese dribbles out, just dump it on top. 

Then eat and lick your fingers.

This is my favorite breakfast at the moment. People who know me well will probably wonder what peanut butter ever did to me to make me turn my allegiance from PB toast with milk to this more complicated breakfast. I do still eat PB toast some mornings. But I just recently read in Martha Stewart Living that PB can cause water retention. I generally retain enough water in the latter months of pregnancy to float the Queen Mary, so I thought I should try to vary my diet. It is a sad thing. But it is made less sad by this quesadilla. 

And if you are a bit intimidated by the idea of buying a huge bunch of kale to try this, here is another kale recipe that is awesome. 

Zuppa Toscana Soup from here. A copy of Olive Garden's soup.

Kale, onion, garlic, sausage, bacon, and potatoes in a creamy, chicken broth base. Hello, lunch! 

I don't like chewy bacon very much, as seen in the above picture from twopeasaandtheirpod, so I keep at least half the crispy bacon to use as a garnish as the end. 

Another kale recipe I really want to try is this Kale, Sausage, and Cauliflower Pot pie from Real Simple.

Fun little factoid of the day, studies have shown that women who eat a lot of cruciferous vegetable (kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc) have a much lower incidence of breast cancer. Who knew pot pie could be health food? 

And there you go. Something new to read. Now I can go on my merry way without feeling guilty. 


Virginia said...

I, myself, like kale chips. You just wash the kale off, rip it into bite size-ish pieces, toss it w/ some oil and salt and roast at 400. So easy and a nice healthy replacement for chips! And I know I sound like a health nut right now, but I think we can all agree that the girl who eats whole bowls of peanut butter fudge is not exactly fanatical about these things. So the moral is, kale chips are good. And I, for one, am glad you're being guilted into writing everyday! New reading material for me!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

You should still feel guilty, since you infected your daughter with flu, just so you wouldn't have to come visit us, and we sat around all evening and cried. I will admit the quesadilla looks worth eating, though, so I forgive you.

geri douglas said...

I think you need to start a Cotten Finger,Lickin' Cookbook, I will be the first to buy it. I made Pollo Fundido today and it was delicious! Wish you were all here and I would feed you something quite forgettable but would still love to have you all here. Keep posting, we all enjoy reading!