April 17, 2012

Backgrounds, Dishwashers, and Pico de Gallo

I would like to say right away that this post will have nothing important in it. If you have better things to do, off you go, with my heartiest "thanks for dropping by anyway."

I read some blogs this evening and realized I still had icy trees on the background of my blog, which seemed a few months behind times. So I decided to change it. Why I decide this at 9:30 at night is beyond me. At this point, I am just not that functionally intelligent, so the amount of frustration with technical things is much, much higher. I went into my March pictures, found a lovely tree just budding out and figured out how to resize it for my blog. They only let me upload a picture that is the size of a large postage stamp, so once I finally had it on there, blogger thought it looked tacky with only one itty-bitty picture and threw 30 more pictures on there in a tiled pattern for a bizarre and totally incomprehensible look. I revolted and put the picture of blocks on there in a display of civil disobedience to blogger. I am not sure how this is civil disobedience. But I feel it is somehow.

What I would like to know is this--why can I only upload a tiny picture when blogger knows full well it won't work for a background?

In other news, we have a dishwasher! Justin put it in at the beginning of April and I am finally getting used to it. This is a big deal, since I have washed dishes by hand for the past 5 years. In times past, I was very economical with dishes, since I didn't feel like washing 48 different plates that had been used only for toast and PBJ's. Now, I am sorry to say, I splash out a bit, using one plate to reheat my meat on and then moving the meat to the taco salad on an entirely different plate. It feels extravagant. And best of all? As I sit here on the computer, Justin is doing dishes. Yes, really. He installed it even when he knew it would mean he would be expected to help a bit more with dishes. How is that for gentlemanly behavior? I think it is great. And before anyone points out that it would have been more gentlemanly to install a dishwasher when we moved in three years ago, I will fully disclose that Justin has been trying to buy me one since we moved in, but  I tend to resit large purchases, since it seems.... well.... extravagant. So it is all my fault that I have been washing dishes by hand. Me and my large purchase hang up.

It seems silly to not have pictures, so I think I will put one or two up. 

Okay, make it one. And yes, that is the best I could do at the moment. Well the best that wouldn't involve plugging my camera in and uploading new pictures. And anyway, this is pico de gallo. And a picture of that should be enough for anyone. Well actually, a bowl of it should be enough for anyone. At least a bowl and a bag of tortilla chips for eating it with.

I like this stuff. A lot. And Ashley is the pico de gallo queen. I might hire her just to wait around and make it when I get to hankering for it. I want it about 4 times a week. The perfect lunch. Or supper.

She uses the Pioneer Woman recipe. Here is your ticket to scrumptious eating. As long as you are willing to chop a lot of things. It is worth it though, boy is it worth it.

And while looking for that recipe, I came across this list of Super Bowl food by Pioneer Woman. I would like to try pretty much all of these recipes, unhealthy though they may be. http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/category/holidays/super-bowl/?posts_per_page=40

And now, I will stop writing random, tired brain thoughts. Have a lovely night.


Virginia said...

- Yeah, what the heck is up w/ blogger and the backgrounds??
- HOORAY FOR DISHWASHERS!!! I can't handle life w/o one. I fall to pieces on my kitchen floor, sobbing and rocking back and forth. Or I used to as a child. Now when I handwash, I silently resent all things. So I'm highly excited on your behalf that your husband is The Man and installed one of those wonderful machines.
- I always want to make Pioneer Woman's food, but they're always so unhealthy I talk myself out of it almost every time. One day I will not give a flip about fat and carbs and make her crazy amazing-looking cheesy bread. Until then, I will just drool.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Hey, I was wondering the other day if the dishwasher had ever been installed, but it was too late to call and ask you. Glad to hear it is humming along, making your taco salad less greasy. And *I* want Ashley to be my pico de gallo slave, so you can't have her!

Anonymous said...

I just had new dishwasher installed and of course many other new things including a HUGE black blanco undermounted sink..the sink is so big you could wash twins in them..wish my babies were small again..I think Philip is too big too wash in the sink...but I love washing my dishes by hand..I splash around for quite awhile with one plate. having my kids grown up I don't have as many dishes to wash, and Philip pipes up every time I steal his empty glass. He seems to think he needs to be drinking diet coke all day long. This is not healthy but who could ever argue with a Douglss that thinks they are right! I do love my dishwasher, after finally getting it full enough to justify using it. Wish I could taste that Pico de Gallo...sounds like a painting.( every thing is painty to me)..if I begged pretty please do you think you or Ashley would come to Spencer to feed this scrumptious food?