January 10, 2012

1/10/12 (which I kept writing as 1/12/10)

Thanks to Sheena, I am now thinking in "Item #1" terms and this blog is really just a list of things that struck me as interesting or funny today.

Item #1--Just now, I was signing into my email, wondering what the ad for "Ady. Aim. Serve" meant. Then realized that it was just another ad not formatted to fit my 10 inch monitor. I miss a lot apparently. And I don't even KNOW it. When I sign into my email or facebook on Mom and Dad's computer, there are ads on the side. Huh.

#2--Dandelion greens were for sale at Price Chopper today--$2.99/lb. The grocery store is seriously selling something that suburban Americans spend  a lot of their free time trying to put on the endangered species list. I wonder who buys it. Probably someone who round-ups their lawn periodically to keep it that beautiful, uniform green.

#3--At the DMV today, trying for the second time to register the van, I was told we were at an impasse because they need a copy of Justin's drivers license. Which they issued at that very DMV. I had his license number, but they couldn't pull it up on the computer and print out a copy, because they wouldn't be able to see if it was really him. And if I bring in a copy of the license (without him being there) they will suddenly realize of COURSE that's him! They need to see the ID of every person that comes into the DMV. Even if they didn't come in.

#4--I am feeling like couponing again. Today, I bought Bengay. Which I really don't need seeing I already have 10 tubes of it. The stuff is always better than free. About as bad as toothpaste. And this is after my STUFF declaration. The Christmas candy was all 75% off. Hello pretzel M+Ms and peppermint bark.

#5--Does anyone need some Bengay? 


Rebekah said...

Hmm, dandelions...we don't spray ours and yet I have no desire to go out and harvest them for the Roasted Dandelion tea I've been enjoying lately. Lazy? Yep!

NY DMV...brings back memories. WI DMV...we were so shocked at how friendly and efficient they are. Post office employees are so nice too.

I did a 10 on the 10 post...you need 5 more things! ;)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Yeah, couponing and minimalizing seem like they aren't real compatible goals. DMV is a terrible place. Maybe you can use the Bengay after your Walk for Fitness DVD.

Virginia said...

I've never seen a grocery store sell dandelion greens before! I'm kind of impressed! And maybe you could use the Bengay for your sore head after dealing w/ the DMV.

Verity Earl said...

I see a lot of vegetarian recipes with dandelion greens in it. But I've never seen them for sale before! And I don't like pretzel M&M's. I just had them this year at Christmas, and they were strangely addicting, but also strange-tasting, too. The peanut ones are still superior in my opinion. But I do occasionally enjoy chocolate covered pretzels.