March 30, 2017

Some February Pictures

I still can't put pictures on my blog from home. Which is supremely annoying. But I can upload them from home and then go to work to put them in a blog post. Very mysterious. 

Anyway, here are some pictures from February. At this point, pictures from February seem very old and blah and boring. Actually life itself seems old and blah and boring. 

That is just March talking. 


It is sunshiney and 40 today and the kids are outside building something elaborate with leftover wood, so life actually feels pretty good right now. But still. I am jealous of instagram pictures of cherry blossoms all over the place. All over the place, except in Northern New York where we still have snow all over the place with more expected this weekend. 


This picture though, is not blah and boring. I adore tulips. My sisters bought me tulips for my birthday. Wasn't that delightful of them? 

Heading out to the car one morning.

Lily was home sick (I forget with what) and decided to take up calligraphy. 

I brought my other flowers from my sisters into work. The whole library smelled like hydrangeas. 

Happy sigh! 

On the way to work

(These are camera pictures, which is why they are less than stellar.)

See the bald eagles? On the way to meeting one Sunday. There were a lot of smaller birds in the lower right there yelling at them, but they were unmoved. You can be that way when you are 10x the size of the other bird. 

The road home

A snowy, snowy day

Our Valentine's Day party--Pizza Party at Mom and Dad's. 

The silly table

Talky-talky. We have fun talking.

Traffic Jam on the way home from work. 

Abilene carefully giving the phone a carriage ride. 


Playing in Aunt Tori's room

Archie on the loveseat

Archie on the other loveseat

Five Crowns with Grandma and Grandpa

Rummikub in the living room

Elsie and Hoyt

This is Dad's version of nails on a chalkboard. Blankets spread all over the place drive him crazy. Poor Dad. 

Because blankets all over the place make his grandkids absurdly happy. 

These two are such good pals. Most of the time. 

A cute package of Abilene! 

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Geri Douglas said...

very nice pictures!! Your winters are awesome to see!