March 15, 2017

Lovely little things...from last fall

I am incredibly frustrated with blogger. For a week now I have been unable to add pictures to my posts. And I have spent an absurd amount of time trying to figure out why.... 

But no luck. So I am going to just put up this post from last fall that never got put up for some reason. Probably because I was busy. 

It is snowing like crazy--24 inches so far. It seems to be slowing down a little bit. But we have a snowday to unbury ourselves and I am enjoying it thoroughly! 

So back to last fall. It feels a bit surreal to be posting these pictures when it is snowing and blowing outside... 

It seems like a completely different world. Less white somehow... Ha!

Taking a walk together

Happy cows

Running home

Love this picture of my Orianna girl

The last of the asters

Morning cornfield

Amish corn harvest

Fall rain

Making brownies

Morning walk

Wisps of morning fog

Love these trees!

Gilbert being Grandpa



Squash from the Amish farm up the road

Frosty leaves

Horse drawn corn harvester



Pumpkin pile

Dramatic fall skies


Stone house

Empty cornfields

Puff ball

Stopping in to see Lucy in October--last time we saw her. But she actually remembered us, so it is very special for us to have this memory of her.

The Amish farm on our road

Frosty newspaper box

Other Amish farm

Puffing wood smoke

Frosty Lambs ear

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