January 3, 2017

New Years

New Years was quiet this year. My brother Tyler in California went into the hospital on Christmas Eve, so my Dad flew out the day after Christmas to be with him. Then Mom and Cody flew out on Friday. So it was just Owen and Ashley and us around. NYE was a Saturday night anyway, so we decided against a party. So these pictures are just around New Years. 

(Tyler is perfectly fine now and Mom and Dad had a teensy vacation! So it all worked out!)

Owen riling the kids up by stealing Orianna's knitting bag. They so love to be outraged and riled up by Uncle Owen. 

We hope he is pretty much recovered from his appendicitis. Otherwise, he might suffer a relapse from having a lot of kids hanging off him. 

Ashley made sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. They adored them and all their brightness!

Our New Year's Eve Party. Bird Bingo. 

Elsie jumped up and down every time Daddy called one she had.

Side note--have you met our light yet? This is a pretty bad picture of it. My aunt gave it to us a few years ago when they were moving and needed to downsize "stuff." I hung in our basement for a few years getting covered in sawdust. As the days got darker earlier, we realized we had no light for our table, so.... we put this one to use! It has a marvelous 1970's vibe that fits in nicely with our single wide paradise. 

Bug Bingo is gorgeous. And the kids love it. 

My New Year's Eve--making crepes and finishing a library book.  Do you like my Jackson Pollack crepes? I am not the best crepe maker. But I feel more confident about crepes now that I have actually done them. There was a lot of trial and error this night. I was making a crepe cake for potluck the next day. I finished crepes at 11:40 when I decided my crepe cake was tall enough and dumped out the rest of the batter. 

Because I am still young enough to stay up until midnight. But I am definitely old enough to go to sleep by 12:05. 

I had just brought my camera in from the cold, so the lens was foggy. But I love this picture of the two Allies laughing together.

More sedate Allies

Hoyt was being a bull.

Abilene in her ruffle-y skirt with Orianna. 

Ashley bought a kit of gingerbread houses. So we spend New Year's Day evening making gingerbread houses. 

The grown ups played Blokus

Lily's house

Orianna hard at work.

The grown ups progressed to Progressive Rummy. 

The kids were still working at their houses.

Lily's house with icicles 

They were quite delighted by the final result.

Abilene reading Grandma's bible. Isn't she adorable? 

When she came in to meeting that morning, she was grinning to beat the band--pleased as punch to see everyone!

We love her. And her skirt.

Last day of break morning!

A good way to spend it!

Dominion. With a wolf guarding the estate cards.

Elsie was busy while we were playing our game.

Daisy girl

Owen feeding cows

The kids wanted to help feed cows, but with round bales, it isn't really safe for them to go with Owen. So we took the Suburban on a field trip. (Get it? FIELD trip. I am a riot.)


Dad got home from California the day after New Years. The kids were quite excited to see him!

Dad and Owen talking

Beauty keeping an eye on things

Dad getting the mail. 

(Because we weren't very good about getting the mail while he was gone.... Oops!)

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Geri Douglas said...

loved all the pictures as usual. I notice you do not have a lot of snow this year. So glad Tyler is feeling better, and glad your mom and dad and Cody got to see them. I hope Owen gets feeling a hundred percent better too. Happy New Year to ya'll.