September 15, 2016

The Crites come to visit

Way, way back at the end of June, my cousin Andy and his wife came to visit. Remember me telling you about the Douglas' coming to see us as well? I was pretty bummed about not going to Colorado this summer, but there was no way we could justifiably head off to Colorado, while owning two houses, moving, taking summer coursework, and getting ready for a new job and college this fall. So we stayed put. 

And people came to us.  

We are so lucky!

It was so good to have them here. We had a lovely afternoon and evening visiting before they headed south.

It was a gorgeous June day, the day the relatives came. (Little Cynthia Rylant reference there!)

We took a walk through the cows to see a tiny new calf born way too late in the season.

June was so crazy busy. I look at this picture and think "How did I not enjoy it more?"

Tall grasses

Happy girl on Daddy's shoulder!

Oh June!

Windy buttercups

It was super tiny.

Jolene and Greydon

Lily trying to get close to the calf

Discussing the calf and it's parentage

Oh.... those skies. That greenness. These people.

My heart!

Willow, reading Archie to Elsie and Gilbert

Elsie and Gilbert danced on the table to wave goodbye! 


Ryan said...

What a surprise to see the Crites on here. I was in Bozeman going to college when they were there. I have been checking up on your blog now that I've taken over ours.

Bethaney said...

Oh, how fun! I never connected the dots! You are a Montana guy after all! :-)

Jolene said...

We had SUCH a lovely time in New York! So much wish we could have stayed longer (and been able to see more of the family!) I really felt like we could have just moved right in - such a comfortable place to be with people who were so comfortable to be around. Your children are a joy, your husband is a gem, and your brother is clearly made of the same material as my husband. :) Hope to connect up again. Soon!
(Hi, Ryan!!)