June 20, 2016


Life is slightly overwhelming at the moment. This is the last week of school, our house is getting ready for it's close ups with the realtor, Gilbert is graduating kindergarten, and ....well it seems like a lot.

But slowly and surely we are making progress. So life is pretty good. I mean really. At least we have a house to sell, rather than a cardboard box.  

I won't whine anymore. Pinky promise!

On the cheerful, exciting news front, I was just appointed librarian at the next school district over. I. Am. So. EXCITED. Well, excited and scared to death. 

(What if I am terrible?)

I will just have to decide not to be terrible and stick to it. 

And here are a lot of pictures, rather random in order. 

Ashley's strawberries

Ashley's allium seedhead


Kid's concert. Lily is in the front right with the lace and denim dress

Brushton Moira people

Orianna is front and center there in the navy and white.

They moved around while singing. 

Bubble bath

It was slightly traumatic for me to walk into this mess.

Isn't he a good Daddy? Making room for a "snuggle and read books" session. 

Orianna's birthday

She is so grown up!

Hoyt, on the other hand, is marvelously not grown up! He is two and proud!

Orianna's delight at the art set from Aunt Livie

Using her new presents

Tori checking out my new Katie Daisy book.

Owen, starting on his summer sunburn from haying.

Some book blog pictures

I loved this bird and flowers.

Disdainful chickens

Nanette and Laura Lundell came to visit! When we lived in Alaska, we lived a mile or so from the Lundells and they were an integral part of our life. So awesome to see them! I had my camera on a weird setting, so the pictures were blue-ish. So I decided to make them black and white. 

Nanette, in her glory, holding Abilene.

It was so, so special to see her! 

On Memorial Day weekend, I went out to Fargo. And I got to see a Tornado! It was terribly exciting!

The rather forbidding hospital being built across the road from Livie's old apartment.

Livie and I went for a walk on this lovely trail. I really like Fargo.

An odd sort of fungus.

As hipster as can be!

A terribly fun little pastry shop Livie brought me to for breakfast after our walk.

The pastry shop had a local artist exhibit on the walls. I love people that take pictures of cows. They are kindred spirits.

On Sunday morning, we had meeting with this lovely couple. Donovan went to school near us when I was itty bitty, so it was fun to catch up and see his kids!

On a morning walk, back in Moira.

Water patterns

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