June 11, 2016

Life on a Rainy Saturday

In case you weren't aware of it, life has been a bit topsy-turvy for us lately. Lots of big decisions being made--jobs, grad school, GRE's, buying a new place, selling our old place. And then there are the thousand or so small decisions to be made when all these big decisions happen. Decisions are sort of like dominoes--if this, then that. Big decisions are made and I feel accomplished until I realize that the big decision has given birth to five smaller less important (but still important) questions.

And moving....! I hate moving. All this fuss and bother over getting everything you own into cardboard boxes and then, a few weeks/months later, just as much fuss and bother to get everything out. And the decisions...! Moving is just one giant question mark. Do I still want this? Do we need this? Will the kids notice if I throw out this somewhat unrecognizable thing they used to love, but haven't played with in two months? (Just joking, that isn't even a question! Into the trash it goes. Yes, I am one of those parents.) Will I need this in the few months before the boxes are unpacked? What box do new dry erase markers go in, now that the office supply box is all boxed up and in storage?!? (Seriously, in my over tired state last night, I stared at a box of new markers contemplating them and their implications for a full two minutes. Then got distracted by the kids and went on to do something else. Ten minutes later I look down and I still have dry erase markers in my hand. In desperation, I shoved them in a nearby drawer. One step forward, three steps back.)

TOO MANY QUESTIONS. So here I sit, on a rainy Saturday with a thousand things to do and no ambition to do it. I refuse to make another decision. I need a life coach. They can do the deciding. Let's see them deal with dry erase markers.

Le sigh.

In the meantime, here are some lupine.

I needed lupine for my pictures for Miss Rumphius. Which I told you all about last year. But in case you need a refresher, take a gander at my book blog.  

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Jeannie said...

I wonder how all the decisions are coming along? I laughed about you throwing out the kids precious, forgotten, whatevers! I'm definitely one of those parents. Otherwise you have an explosion of debris that drives me bonkers! Thinking of you!