April 12, 2016

Some random pictures

I haven't been taking a lot of picture, due to being in a classroom for eight hours of the day. But I have been taking some. Here there are. In complete random order. I haphazardly uploaded them and thought "I should put these in order." I thought about it for two seconds before tossing that idea and deciding you were all intelligent enough to understand backwards pictures. 

We had special meeting company last week and I indulged in some flowers. I love flowers. A riot of daffodils. 

Mums and spray roses. Aren't the white mums so very white? 

I love spray roses so much more than big roses. Maybe it is their littleness? Their quantity? I don't know. 

We have had snow almost every day this week. The kids had to push a chair over to the deck door to check it out. 

More daffodil. I like this little pitcher. I bought it when I was a cashier at Fred Meyer's in Wasilla. I rarely left that place with more money than I spent. 

Coloring with Jane

Reading with Jane

Ohhhhhh! How can you not love daffodils?!  

So. many. petals!

Out of two bunches, I made four bouquets. They aren't terribly artful, but they are happy and cheerful. 

And I promise that is the last you will see of those flowers. I was droning on a bit about them wasn't I?

Saturday morning with cousins

A happy kind of busy

My book reading profile picture. 

It took me a lot of tries to take these pictures. Not looking at the camera makes it difficult. 

Now stop me if you have seen these pictures. Ha! You can't. You just have to look at them again.

Elsie and Daddy walking in to check on sap.

Listen, I have a hard time choosing between pictures, alright?

Lily and her walking stick

The junk pile had some slightly broken glass bottles, which make lovely terrariums for little ferns. 

Aren't they cute?

Mud puddle kids

I tell them to stand across the puddle. This is what I get. 

I love these kids so terribly, terribly much.

Silly picture

Gilbert mid-fall


Splash. Sigh. He was soaking already. 

Stormy northern sky 

Cousins in a box

This is some sort of parasite plant on a pine tree. I need to figure out what it is. Any ideas? 

My Orianna girl


Geri Douglas said...

These were worth the long wait, you haven't lost your touch. Why you don't open up a photo shoppe selling your pictures and have your hubby sell his leather goods is beyond me.!!

Jeannie said...

I love those flower pictures! The mums/roses are so lovely. Might possibly be my favorite combination! And I love those sibling pictures in the mud puddle. Those are fun, framable (if that's a word...) pictures. I only really know your kids through this blog, but they are some super lovable kids!