April 19, 2016

Oh to be in NNY now that April is there!

I am willing to say that Northern New York is just as spiffy as Robert's Brownings England. Although England probably has the jump on Northern New York in regards to green grass and daffodils. We are just starting to see a greenish tint to the grass. After an incredibly mild (spring-ish) winter, our spring got shy and kept hiding underneath freezing temperatures and snow flurries. 

At long last, it warmed up and was actually hot on Sunday. It hit 75. Since then, we have been in the fifties. But we had our day in the sun! So many sunburned kids at school on Monday... 

Isn't this girl marvelous? She has two teeth, although you can only see the one here. She will be one in a few short weeks. Hard to believe!

It was so nice, the guys dug out the baseball gloves and ball before Sunday lunch.

Do you see the fuzz of spring on some of the trees behind Owen?!?! Yay, spring!

Meanwhile, Hoyt and Elsie were busy inside with coloring and tractors. They look related. 

Concentration and crowns.

Abilene spent a good little while, crawling around with a little people in her mouth. If she knocked it out, she carefully picked it up and put it back in. It kept her from eating the Sunday paper anyway. 

Adoring George who was just trying to sleep in the sun.

Calving is in full swing!

Somehow, this area always seems to become the nursery with a lot of calves and a few cows standing guard.

This calf has a map of China on it's head. 

Despite the lovely day, Gilbert was not wanting to walk. So he sat down. Probably in a cow pie. 

But then his adored Daddy coaxed him onward.

Picking the very first teensy leeks. They were just barely up, so we will go back next week for some more. 

Showing Gilbert the fungus growing on the fallen tree.

Bare trees and sky

As we were walking into the woods, we saw a cow's water break. When we came back out, she was still laboring. She was a first calf heifer, so it took her awhile. We stopped to watch. 

Serious, quiet stuff, calving. 

Thankfully, she settled in to calve in a location handy to the stumps. 

Lily did some leek design while we waited.

Dirty fingers

Gilbert was so quiet and still watching the cow that he fell asleep. 

At long last--a strapping bull!

Slightly crazy looking calf.

Nose to nose

Attempting to stand. But failing. 

Trying to pet little Miss China face.

And success! He is standing!

Homeward bound!

Riding with Daddy


Jill Vaughan said...

LOVE these

Geri Douglas said...

you always capture the fun in life Bet, thanks for the pics!!