January 9, 2015

New Year's Eve

Hope your 2015 is off to a lovely start. Ours is cold, blowy, snowy, but good! Since New Year's Eve was on a Wednesday, our party didn't start until 9:30 when we got back from meeting. We just had some snacky things and played a few games. We celebrated more New Year's Day with a turkey dinner, made by Dana and Marilyn. It was a great way to start a new year!

Our tablespread. Which looks paltry, but it wasn't!

Lincoln was very taken with this little slinky

Rilla in one of the pinatas Aunt Ashley made. Yes, she made two of them. One for each family, Whites and Cottens. She is a rockstar aunt.

Lincoln also loved this sword that he made out of a McDonalds cup top and a straw. What a kid!

Dad protesting picture taking. 
Dad hadn't been feeling well, a chest cold and dizziness, so he was pretty low key.

Scott was also feeling a little under the weather.

Orianna giving the pinata a good whack

Fierce Lily

Timid Elsie

I forget who broke it, but it did break and spread joy and light in the form of snickers, hershey kisses, pencils, notebooks, and party poppers. Isn't Ashley cool?

The White kids up to bat

Lincoln making it swing

Cheyenne with a solid hit

Elliott perfecting his form. Haha!

Hoyt and Owen

Love Orianna bending back just like Elliott

Hoyt had to get in on the action

The rousing game of hearts. 

Look at those cheeks!

Happy boy!

The kids all stayed up to midnight. Elsie and Gilbert both had naps in meeting and the older kids were actually very well behaved. Unfortunately for them, it was a pretty tame affair. Poor Elliott resented the little kids staying up as well. It is no where near as much fun to stay up if your little brother and sister get to stay up too. Who can you brag too? Every once in awhile he would ask Lincoln if maybe he wasn't getting tired and should go to bed. 

iPad kids.

The Wild and Crazy Dominion game. Well, Evan is wild and crazy anyway.

This is what happens when you stay up late with the Whites. They get dorky. 

Midnight cousins!
They had to do a sleeping picture, just for fun. 

And then an smiley one!

Since Dad, Mom, Scott, and Dana had already gone to bed, midnight passed pretty unannounced. There was a small rousing cheer and then everyone bundled off to bed. There were no sparklers, no gun shot, no horn blowing, no jumping, or the other noisy, boisterous things that we usually do. Okay, that we used to do when we were noisy and rowdy teenagers and had some energy at midnight. 


Virginia said...

It's always a big surprise when you make an appearance in the pics! Love that vest! Happy New Year!

Geri Douglas said...

I especially like the dorky picture of Evan and Clover, very cutesy.