January 13, 2015

Little Big Things

This morning, the kids were playing happily together as I stood in the kitchen looking out on the freezing cold, sunny morning as the tea kettle came to a boil. And I had one of those moments of quiet delight. That unbidden feeling of joy. Everything felt right. All the little things were perfection, which made the big things right. 

Little things. People throw that phrase around, talking about things that may take up a small part of our day/life, the backdrop of our life, but that matter in the grand scheme of things. When it comes down to it though, they aren't little things. 

Kids playing happily together--I have kids. Healthy kids. Loving kids. That is fabulous. Amazing. 

I am standing in a warm house looking out at the brilliant cold sunshine. The security of a warm, snug house is something that cannot be too greatly exaggerated on mornings when the mercury hits 20 below zero.

I have warm and spicy tea. After a filling breakfast. How lucky am I? 


 Very, very lucky. 

These aren't little things.

Gilbert the dragon being visited by Elsie, the cat/panda/I-am-not-sure-what on a tricycle

My steamy cup

Inside looking out

Playing meeting in the sunshine

Facetiming with Daddy


Virginia said...

Domestic happiness is the end of almost all our pursuits; and the common reward of all our pains. - Fielding


The domestic man, who loves no music so well as his kitchen clock, and the airs which the logs sing to him as they burn on the hearth, has solaces which others never dream of. - Emerson

Jolene Crites said...

Just SO sweet! All of it!

Cecil and Amy said...

Love it! Especially the meeting attire! We do have it good, don't we?