December 17, 2014

Out and about after the snowstorm

This is our front walk and mailbox 

Friday morning, after almost three days of snow and ice, Justin went into town with us, which meant I could take as many pictures as I felt like while he drove.

A blue version of snowy woods

Sitting at the gas station. I just noticed tonight that gas is now $3.03, which is nice! Even though the rest of the nation has been under $3 for ages... We will take what we can get!

Four corners

It might be hard to tell, but that is a flock of snow geese flying over

I think this is fascinating--the tops of the trees, where the wind hits, are bare, but the more protected bottom of  the trees are still snow covered. Yes, this is pretty elementary. I just think it is cool.

Main Street Malone

Malone has some pretty cool architecture, all those old buildings along Main Street.

A corner window. Imagine!


The little park up the street from us

The local insurance office's window. 

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Virginia said...

I love the snow pics. It hasn't snowed here yet. :-( Also, I feel like I say the same thing in every comment, but I really do enjoy your photos. It brings me back to my fave place AKA the North Country!