December 18, 2014

A cold December weekend

Driving with Owen to see the cows in the afternoon

Moon coming up


Owen and his boy-o

Cows and moon. I love those winter colors of evening--the purple and pearly pink.

It was a gorgeous moon!

Owen let Gilbert try driving through the field. (No cows were harmed in this experiment.)

Lily got to try it out. 

Gilbert and his dogs. 
Gilbert was nervous about the dogs when he was younger, so we stressed how much the dogs loved him and when they came running up, they were just wanting to say "Hello! How are you?" in a somewhat rabid fashion and told Gilbert to pat them. Gilbert now does defensive patting, which has made him an absolute favorite with the dogs. Run up to Gilbert, he starts patting! He is starting to love them. But still feels overwhelmed at times with two dogs mobbing him. 

Union meeting potluck! The desert aftermath.

Bright and cozy living room! 

Ashley and Lily playing Telepathy, a new game we got, pretty good! 

Everyone else.

Tori and Alex

It was so cold that day!

Gilbert and Ethan skating in their boots. Ethan had decided to wear his Dad's jacket.

Frosty clover

Puddle ice

Heading off for a walk

The boys and Coyote (George)

Gilbert and the dogs. 

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