August 7, 2014

Why is it so hard to blog in the summer?

I wish I had a wonderfully long list about how busy I am doing productive and good-mommy-projects which would justify not blogging, but I don't. Life has been a state of controlled chaos around these parts. I always mean to get into a good summer routine, but never do. Our summer seems chopped up, going to Canadian conventions a few weeks after the kids are out of school, waiting a month, then going to Altamont a few weeks before school starts. Is it worth getting into a routine for just a month? (Don't answer that yes it is! You will ruin all my justifications!) For now, my kids run semi-wild in the house and backyard and I attempt to keep up with housework.

It is summer.

I sometimes wonder what a summer of organization and routine would look like. But really, it would look like someone else's summer.

I haven't been taking a ton of pictures lately. But here are some. Some from when the Whites were up, and some more recent.

Hope your summer is as lovely and organized as you mean for it to be!




Queen Anne's Lace


Geranium buds

Painted faces

Hoyt working on the lawnmower

Ashley, the face painter

Gilbert, the monster

Gilbert trying to get Hoyt to properly appreciate the calf. Gilbert is always wanting to tell or show Hoyt things.



The swing jungle gym

Elliott was a cow with chicken pox. I love this kid!

The kids wanted to paint Ashley's face, so she let them. Hoyt is a cow with horns.

Elsie talking to the calf

Picking grass for the calf

Feeding the calf. 

Hoyt at the parade

Love this kid!

Yes, this is a lawn mower decorated like the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard. 

The superintendent dressed as Mary Poppins

A storm moving in

Owen and Cody discussing logistics as the tail end of their hay got rained on.

Evening light after a rain

Lily exuberantly throwing sand in the air

Justin roping an Elsie June

Purple spotted knapweed

Queen Anne's Lace again. 

Sunshine and shadow-y grapevines

A hummingbird moth, as Nina informed me


Olivia Vaughan said...

Okay! Overly long comment time:
•Well, obviously, fun cousin times!
•The cow with chicken pox really got to me. I had quite a laugh at that!
•Elsie picking the grass from a foot away from the calf to feed it is both completely adorable and hilarious.
•What is with Owen's new hat?
•Concerning the same picture, what is with Cody's truck?
•Also, Lily makes sand throwing an art. Like ballet.
That is all.

Olivia Vaughan said...
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Cecil and Amy said...

Ha- loved seeing Elsie feeding the calf- definitely a little farmer girl in the making! And little Hoyt at the parade is adorable! Speaking of- what parade? You weren't around for July 4th!

Geri Douglas said...

I agree with Olivia's comment about Lilly making throwing dirt an art form. Also love Elsie feeding the calf hay in the basket, it should be an award winning photo. I also love all your pictures, glad you took time to blog!

Bethaney said...

Amy, it is the annual Heritage Day Parade. Last Saturday in August generally. It is a fundraiser for the Moira Historical Society.

Livie, Owen is wearing a hat that Chris Alexander gave him...? I think that is the story on the hat. It is a little too small for him, so he hasn't been wearing it since that Day. And Cody is in Owen's new truck from Fremont.

Jolene Crites said...

I love how you say that you haven't been taking many photos this summer, and then proceed to post as many pics as usual - ha! And they are all wonderful, and really capture a great summer feel. I too feel like I should have more structure in summer, like I should be having more things for my kids to do. But they usually just end up bored anyway. I guess that's how summer is really supposed to be...

Laura said...

I'm deeply enamored of Elsie's forward and aft pigtails. Amen.