August 20, 2014

Evening falls

I decided to tear my house apart, just for something to do. I sorted through every toy (got rid of a contractor's garbage bag full) through lots of books (got rid of four totes of them), and generally made my house a mess for three solid days. So, we went over to the farm for some peace and quiet. And fed cows with Owen and Ashley. They have just a few penned up for health reasons, calving reasons, or selling reasons, so those three have to be fed, while all the rest are grazing. 

This is a White Park cow with her new calf. Isn't it cute, all shiny clean and white?

Yes, Lily had to have her bag (complete with one of our old cordless phones) to feed the cow.


The McCoys said...

So cute! Loved all your pics

Olivia Vaughan said...

Looks like good summer evening time!