June 10, 2014

A weekend in June

I went to two library book sales this past week. This chair full of kids and books was a direct result.


The cows are upstream stirring up dirt now, so the water is muddy and opaque

Leafy sunshine

Walking through the thistles

Buttercup and cobweb

Tori fiddling with her phone

Tall tree


Three girls who were matching. I effectively cut out the matching part in this picture.

They were all black and white polka dots. Gilbert wanted to be in the picture too.

My darling Justin

Me and my friends

Hoyt being terribly cute. I am sort of in love with this squeezy guy.  

Sunday afternoon view

Gilbert, apparently worried about something. Look at his freckles though! I love them. He is the only freckled one of my kids. 

Technically, this was the sunset, last night, Monday, which isn't part of the weekend.

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Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Hoyt's cheeks! Gilbert's freckles! Matching girlies! June is lovely all round.