September 13, 2013


Things that have delighted me this week:

1. Elsie clutching things as she toddles around. Mostly writing utensils, which the kids left out. They are her security--getting very upset when I take away her marker. 

2. Cool weather.  A very hot Wednesday heightened my ability to appreciatethe ability to wear a hoodie this morning and feel cozy. 

3. Penny's puppies have opened their eyes. 

4. Dahlias mixed with aster and loosestrife on my kitchen windowsill. 

5. Walks. I love walks. Really, really. Normally I walk before Justin leaves for work, but this week I decided I would go whenever I could during the day, plopping Gilbert and Elsie in the double stroller. And walking with them is just as refreshing as going by myself. I have more energy, so housekeeping is easier, making me a happier person, which makes me feel generous and patient with the kids, which in turn makes me feel like a better mother, which makes me feel more relaxed and content when Justin is home, making me a better wife. Walks are my miracle drug of choice. 

And here are a few pictures from my walk this morning....


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Rebekah said...

Slowly settling into routine here now that our convention is over and the weeks will be more regular now. Haven't gone for walks much with Phebe yet, so need to start working that into the schedule. I have done the treadmill, but I do love getting OUT!