August 2, 2013

Things that have made me happy this week

1. The dream I woke to this morning (the dream I was having when I woke?) involved the mafia sending a hit man after me. I am really, really glad this is not true. Like really glad.

2.The White kids are descending upon us for a couple days. Some rollicking good times ahead. Or at least busy times! The kids are so excited about this!

3. Some good friends are back for a visit and we will be having lunch with them on Sunday. This involves a brand new baby. Ohhhhh.... I like babies. And old friends.

4. Yesterday, as I was leaving the store, there were huge dark storm clouds in the sky and suddenly a white, white seagull flew right in front of them. One of those moments of exultation, when everything feels just right.

5. Looking at new fabric. I know I have too much fabric and don't need anymore. And I am not buying any. But there is something so enticing about new fabric. The possibilities. I am a possibilities junkie.

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