August 8, 2013

Summer afternoon

We had a lovely time with the White kids. They were absolutely wonderful. Generally when they get together, there is a day or two of happy cousin time and then it descends into fights, bickers, and over tiredness. Somehow, we circumnavigated most of that this time. It was such a nice kid filled few days!

I had misplaced my camera in the most obvious place (which meant I didn't look there, since I knew it wasn't there) for 3 days, but finally, I found it. After organizing a lot of stuff in hopes of uncovering my camera under library books, important things, and mail. Now I have my camera and clean counters. Win-win!

I managed to find my camera in time for this picnic Monday afternoon. The sort of afternoon that makes people lyrical about summer.

And just so you know, Lily and Rilla were on a hair brushing kick, so they look like hippie children.

The kids had to dig holes to put their sticks in. And Gilbert was convinced his bike was broken and needed fixing, which he happily did with his little stick.

Lily and Lincoln made a doughnut tree out of sticks and honey nut cheerios

Little picnic scavenger

Cheyenne's welcome home

Clothes on the line shadow

Lilies are in bloom

My diaper clothesline. One of those everyday things that won't always be so ordinary. 

Justin is a marvelous uncle and pushed them around the yard in the wheelbarrow. 

Then Justin got a call and stopped running. But Elliott hopefully sat in the wheelbarrow for awhile.

Cheyenne is a great babysitter

Orianna demonstrating for Cheyenne the monkey dance they worked on that morning. 

When Elliott got tired of waiting for Justin to get off the phone, Gilbert climbed in.

Justin tipping Orianna and Elliott out

One of the dahlias

My hydrangea that is supposed to turn pink. Currently looks like it has a case of measles.

A march into the house, carefully leaving all bits of their picnic to be picked up by adults. 


Sheena said...

That first picture is SO cute!

Cecil and Amy said...

Ahhhh, to quote Henry James, "Summer afternoon: to me those have always been the most beautiful words in the English language."

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Love that quote, Amy! And what a delightful aunt you are, Mrs. Cotten, giving my kids such a delightful bunch of days.