April 24, 2013

One sunday in spring

Somehow, this didn't publish yesterday like it was supposed to.

Sunday was a beautiful spring day. A day for leek picking and chasing cows.

Justin carried Elsie in the baby carrier and then wrapped a vest around both of them.

We cheat. We occasionally use 4-wheelers on our walks.

Grandpa and Gilbert

Owen checking his clover crop. It is sprouting.

Leek basket

Gilbert wearing Owen's sweater. Ashley told him if he wore this sweater he would be a farmer, so he finally agreed to wear it.

The father


Lily and Gilbert stepping on a witch's purse. One of those poofballs that have brown smoke when  you step on it.

Finding a patch of leeks in the woods

Gilbert and sticks


Owen and Ashley

Gilbert and Grandma and Grandpa

Orianna being a little hobo

Lily being as tall as Owen

Lily and Grandpa

Grandpa and the kids

The two buses

Springtime farm

Gilbert wanted to dig the dirt, not the leeks

Violet leaves

Evening cows

Girls along the creek

Some cows got out and Owen decided that we should put them all together. So we spent an evening watching cows come and go. I was in unimportant places--don't let the cows run back up the lane--so I stood around and took pictures. Beautiful evening.

Trying to lure them with hay. This worked only marginally.


Things are green!

Owen getting the last few. He holds one of their calves and then the mother follows, which makes the other cows follow. Or should.

The rebel calves. These calves ran all over the place, bellering for their mothers and kicking up their heels.

And then finally, the cows all got together. Under the elm tree. In the evening sunshine.


Fiona said...

Fabulous pictures! Spring on the farm is the best. Where'd the second bus come from?

Bethaney said...

That is Cody's bus. He bought it from Dana's--a farm nearby. It still drives, so Dad delighted the kids by driving it a little bit and flashing the lights. Oh so cool!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Oh, my word, the cuteness of all those pictures of your kids! LOVE the one of Dad and Lily walking, but it would be hard to pick a favorite!