April 24, 2013


Last week, while bombs were going off at the Boston Marathon, Livie, Tori, and I were taking the kids on a walk to see the cows.

It is always little disorientating to think about the things that are happening at any given moment while you are living life. The other worlds that are simultaneously existing on this earth, juxtaposed to our  own little world. 

 It was a gorgeous day where we were.

Gilbert wanted to put his hat on Elsie

The girls, holding out a handfull of grass, trying to tempt the cows near them. The cows steered clear.

In the roots of the elm tree

Tori trying to get the kids to stand in a line. They didn't.

Gilbert doesn't stay still for very long

Sweet monkey girls


Elsie and a muddy, Gilbert boot

Baby feet and hippie pants


Running to the pond, down the cowpath


Funny walk

Livie, the photog

Sanita wool clogs were not the best choice for footwear

Washing off my clogs. Surprisingly, they washed off very easily and look fine.

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Connie said...

Oh, those kids are too cute. Love the one of Elsie snuggling on your shoulder, and of Gilbert galloping wildly. Your picture's just exude peace and serenity, all the while chaos was brewing elsewhere. I think about that frequently, actually. Every given second of any day no matter what we are doing, somebody somewhere is experiencing the worst day of their life.