August 30, 2011

The fair and other summer things

The Franklin County Fair in Malone is historic. Internationally known too. It is the fair in Farmer Boy, where he wins the blue ribbon for his pumpkin. See? Totally worth international acclaim. We don't always get there, since it is right in the middle of conventions. Since we didn't go to Freedom, we were able to spend a day at the fair.

On the way there, I was really bummed to discover I had forgotten my camera. I knew there would be so many cute photo-worthy situations. About a half hour after we got to the fair, I was glad we hadn't brought the camera. The first thing we did was watch the harness racing in the grandstand. I went to get some homemade fries, while Justin watched the kids. Being intelligent, like you all know I am, I didn't realize that the entire grandstand is at 15 degrees. In other words, everything but the seats is slanted, including the stairs. I made a spectacular mess by falling with my box of ketchup topped fries. All over me, the grandstand, and bystanders. Yeah, I am classy like that. Then after half an hour, Justin gave me Gilbert, who had a stinky diaper. That had not been contained by the diaper. Since I hadn't annoyed patrons enough, I then paraded out with a child held awkwardly to prevent contamination on me to change him. So Gilbert's cute outfit was decreased by a pair of overalls. So a half hour in, I had ketchup all over me and Lily, Gilbert had no pants, and Justin and Orianna were still watching harness racing. It was at this point I decided I didn't mind not having a camera to record this for posterity.

The rest of the day went much better. The girls got to go on a few rides, we ate fair food, bought the girls cowgirl hats, we looked at every kind of chicken, goose, peacock and quail we could imagine and a then a few more (there are a LOT of varieties!!!) , went to see Uncle Owen who was in charge of the milking of the dairy barn, and watched a little kids horse show.

This was the first year we had been to the fair in awhile, and we were glad we went. There is no easier way to see such a wide slice of humanity as at a fair. People in birkenstocks, high heels, clogs, cowboy boots, rubber boots, no shoes, flipflops, dirty sneakers, untied logger boots, etc, etc. People being genteel, coarse, vulgar, stupid, funny, kind, mad, and on and on. Is there anything else in America that so many people from every walk of life participate in? I doubt it.

And while I didn't get pictures AT the fair, I got a few after the fair.

Go fish

Gilbert has to be locked up, otherwise it turns into chaos

Headbands are good with go fish

As are outfit changes


Virginia said...

Lily's fashion sense is infallible. THE MALONE FAIR! I've got so many good memories centered on that place, most involving the Vaughans in some manner. Remember we went on the Zipper and we were screaming so loud they stopped the ride and asked if we wanted to get off? And how I sat through a whole Demolition Derby b/c your teacher had your name on his car? Good times indeed! It does my heart good to see the next generation get started on the screaming-too-loud, sitting-in-the-bandstand, browsing-the-poultry-barn goodness! :-) Also, poor you on slipping and spilling the ketchup-y fries! Sounds like something I would do.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Lily's stretch pants, yanked up to the armpits, set off the cowboy hat well. That is quite the little reading nest.

Cecil and Amy said...
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Cecil and Amy said...

I love love love the pictures (and dialogue!)