August 26, 2011

Class Reunion

My ten year class reunion is tonight. And I am not nervous and haven't starved myself for the past week/month. Mainly because I am not going. How tacky is living in the town you went to school in and not going to your reunion? Very. But JoAnna is hear (woohoo!) and Justin is in NH until tomorrow, so I just sort of decided not to go. Thanks to facebook, I know what most people are doing, so there isn't as much compulsive nosiness as there would be if I hadn't heard anything about these people in 10 years.

Ten years... Surprising how time can seem so long and short at the same time. High school seriously was a life time ago. Since then, I have got a college degree (that has never been brushed off and put to use. But hey--I have one!), got married, moved across the country a couple times, had three children, and not grown up much. It seems hard to think of 2001 being 10 years ago, but it also seems like 10 years worth of stuff has happened.

What is it about reunions that make you evaluate life? Well they make me evaluate life anyway. I have to say I am SOOO glad I am 28 and not 18. 18 was great, I had oodles of fun and life was looming excitedly and all that. But I worried enough about what I should be doing with my life, where I should move, what my major should be, what boy I should be interested in, etc, etc. Life is a lot more low key now. Not less busy, just less.... well my decisions have more to do with grocery shopping, bills and what to make for dinner than life choices. And I am happy about that--Excitement and uncertainty are better as a spice, rather than a main course. For me anyway.  

Life is good. So here's to ten years!

And here are some completely unconnected pictures. Well they prove that life is good, so I guess they are not completely unconnected. These are from Olivia's camera, so technically they are her pictures. But I had forgotten my camera, so I told her to come out and take some of them, so I feel I have a proprietary interest in them.

Garden stuff

Oh the wonder of a tomato

Love this picture!

Spaghetti squash

A running Lily-bean

A dirty Gilbert

Helping Ashley weed the flower bed

Coming back from the corn and zucchini patch

Our mutant zucchini. Lily called it a bikini this morning--took me awhile to figure out what she was talking about!

Rocky, the mostly useless horse

Alfalfa and sky

Goofy girls


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

goofy goofy goofy

Your Secret Admirer

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I'm going to give away a top secret and let you know that the foregoing comment was my daughter. Love the pictures, that is one huge bikini (not something you hear that often, is it?), Rocky is useful for being photogenic, and I can't wait to be there next week!

Lisa said...

Fun pictures, love the kids ones!

Verity Earl said...
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Verity Earl said...

Seriously, you might want to see what the Guiness Book of World Record's largest bikini is. That one might qualify! I loved being an adult too! 28 > 18 by far. I didn't got to my reunion either, but that's mostly because I had no interest whatsoever in anything that any of my old classmates were doing. I'm that selfish.

laura said...

I didn't go to my reunion this year either. First of all, it cost $50. That's insane. They're not really my thing too. Well, that's probably the biggest reason.

And, despite my still having some big life decisions to make, I agree with you and Verity - 28 definitely > 18!

And that is truly the biggest bikini I've ever seen. I think I'll start calling our baked goods "bikini bread" in honor of Lily! (:

Virginia said...

Love the pics! What a prolific garden! As for the 10 year reunion, mine is coming up next year and I'm still debating going. I wasn't overly fond of the majority of my grade, but I'm also snoopy. And I would also like to catch up on the people I did genuinely like. I guess I have a year until I really have to worry about it haha! Your list of life's accomplishments make me feel like a slacker! I have a degree I've also never used and not grown up much, but the marriage, kids, and moving around the country thing is a little lacking. Maybe in another 10 years....