May 4, 2011

Weekend of May 1, 2011

(I am getting so much more precise and original in my titles.)

This past weekend was full and busy! Thrusday night (I know, not technically the weekend!), we went over to Mom and Dad's, walked up to see how the woods were looking in the spring, and picked leeks. Picking leeks in the woods is such a nice way to feel self-sufficient and fool yourself into thinking you suddenly have a deeper bond and kinship with women through the ages.

Then, I convinced Mom to let Olivia and Tori spend the night on Thursday at my house, so we could get up early to see the Royal Wedding. There were a lot of snarky comments (mostly from the men in our family) that it was all totally unimportant frou-frou. And really, it was. But such delightful unimportant frou-frou! After a groggy, sleepy day, we went to Crafts for a hymnsing. I stupidly decided half an hour before we were supposed to leave to make mini-quiches to use our leeks. It was tricky. But thanks to a husband who only occasionally rolls his eyes as I order him around, we did get there before the hymnsing actually started. It was so nice. Well getting there before it started AND having a hymnsing! We haven't had a sing in a long time and I had forgotten how much I appreciated them. Just knowing what hymns have been on people's hearts and minds is so special. Then, since Andrea was the hostess, she decided to inflict a round of hymn #54 on us. Hilarity ensued, and after several attempts we managed it. Then visiting and talking. Wonderful, wonderful friends and food.

Dave, Lori, and David Weaver came up for the weekend to see Caleb, since this was his last weekend here. Can you believe colleges are already starting to let people out?!?!?! Fiona came over for the weekend as well, so our Saturday was filled with weeding, mulching, and planting with nice people breaks to exclaim over another instance of youthful stupidity, the cuteness of lambs, kids and pygmy goats or Mom and Lori's cooking.

Sunday was Union meeting, which means a potluck at Mom and Dad's. Owen and Justin convinced Mom to do a BBQ. It was a gorgeous day for one.

It was a perfect spring weekend!

And then, back to real life, 50 degree temps, rain, and a lot of laundry. This week has been perfectly frigid. Well in the 40's and 50's with a cold rain. Which is right next to frigid on the miserable scale. Bleah. But it IS spring, so it is hard to be downhearted about such things for long! Last week Orianna was standing by the open window when a warm breeze blew in and ruffled her hair. She told me that when that happens, it makes her think of princesses. But I understand her. The first warm breeze always seems a bit magical to me too.

Now for pictures. From the camera that was actually on the sideboard, not at Mom and Dad's like previously thought. I should clean my sideboard more apparently.
My pictures seem to skew more to the incomprehensible pictures of tree buds than to people this time. My apologies.

This is a woodland lily or something like that. Doesn't it have bizarre leaves?

Dutchmen's Breeches, relative to bleeding heart

I love them!

The leeks we were after

Lily finding the Dutchmans pants, shirt, arms, and head.

Owen runs a free rein Establishment

Except for Miss Piggy

Alex and Tori's pygmy goat, Ginny

Lily working away with a hoe

Gilbert pretending to be a bull with the two horns


I know, it is just water. But look how perfectly it is on each point of the leaf. It makes me happy!

Robins nest that Justin evicted from the Sugar House.

Doing that manly thing.

This kid is CUTE!

Kids and Ginny

Doing that woman thing

The daddys.

Raggedy Ann (or is it Andy? How do you tell?)  learned a lot more about Politics than she knew before.

Those nice Daddys and their boys.

Orianna is in love with this tricycle. I was thinking about getting her a bike for her birthday in June, but why ruin a good thing? A bike will wait until next year.


Cecil and Amy said...

What? You think the men were actually talking politics? At least Raggedy Ann/Andy is still smiling. Thanks for the laugh. (of all pics, yes, THIS is the one I had to comment on-it made me laugh!!!!!)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

It's ANDY, duh. His legs are blue, Ann's are red. Love the pictures, glad to finally see a picture of Ginny. So your murderous husband evicted the robins, huh? Tsk, tsk. Picking leeks DOES look timeless when you carry them in a woven basket. Yay for spring!

Rebekah said...

Thanks for a tour of your weekend! Lovely photos as usual!! Love seeing all the locals up there! And I agree on the feeling that comes from picking leeks!! I have never picked leeks, but picking berries gives a similar feeling.

Virginia said...

Hahaha I wish these were all on facebook b/c I have a comment for just about every one of them. HOWEVER, I will spare all of my lame jokes and tell you that I appreciated all the pics. I loved the dew on the leaves and I'm glad Tori and Alex are naming animals after me (all right, so Verity's the only one who calls me Ginny but still...). And the pic of Owen and Ashley is hilarious to me, it looks like Owen is a big creeper being like "Hey, baby!" and Ashley is the sweet innocent being like, "Ew, get away from me." Your kids are adorable and your life looks great!

Verity Earl said...

Sometimes Mary and Cristin call you Ginny! I'm not the only one. But I did think of that too. And I enjoy the leaves with the water too. That sweet little Orianna IS a princess!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Ha, ha, I was thinking that about Owen and Ashley's picture! :-)

Lisa said...

Fun pics! My old raggedy anne&andy pattern shows them both with red legs, never seen blue. But maybe I need to make him/her some clothes! =) And send $ for Orianna a birthday bike.... the excitement when they learn to go faster on a big one is amazing! =)