May 10, 2011

I feel the need to blog

Not because I have something wise or intelligent to share with you. Instead I just need to get it over with. Hahaha! No I don't have some weird, personal revelation to share with you (if only I was that interesting!) (Actually boring might be good in this respect) We went to Ottawa this weekend and I was planning on a tulip-y, colorful post. But alas, no such luck.

For the past three years, I have wanted to go to Ottawa to see the Tulip festival. Each year, something has happened, sick kids, sick car , etc. So this year, I decided to take Olivia and Tori, since they were more interested in it than Justin, and just go. So we did. We made some mistakes. Mostly by not printing out a little map to tell us where to go and by going too early in the season. We all had this idea of what the Ottawa tulip festival would be. A city chock a block full of tulips and color against bright blue spring skies.

Mom loaned us her GPS, we changed into jean skirts at Connie's, sent Gilbert home with Daddy, and took off, expecting great things. It was all very exciting for Orianna and Lily, two bridges and CANADA. They asked about 15 times if they were in Canada yet/still.

I know the way to Ottawa, but it had been 2 years since I was up there, so I decided to trust the GPS. (I hate trying to pit my brain aginst a machine that was made to be smarter than me.) Apparently the GPS likes backroads. Not bad backroads, just not as fast as 401/416. And that, is pretty much how the whole day was. Nothing really went truly wrong it just wasn't as expected.

Anyway, Ottawa was there, being itself. The million tulip bulbs they have are spread out all over Ottawa, not congregated in one glorious, kaliedescopic mass. The cold spring made the tulips buds, not blooms. The sky turned from fluffy clouds and blue to a disheartening gray. Having yearned to see this for years, it was disappointing. Still, we wandered around Parliment Hill, which is beautiful. And we got to drive down one way streets the wrong way. Twice none the less. Olivia and Tori are probably scarred.

Awesome wrought iron fences

Aged copper roof (isn't that what makes green?)

This flower bed was as tulip-y as it got near Parliment Hill.

I think a lot of my disappointment has to do with the fact that I realized that I am much more of a country bumpkin than I thought. I just simply did not enjoy the city. I loved the beautiful parliment buildings with their stone and green roofs. But I didn't like all the modern buildings juxtaposed next to them. As we wandered around trying to find some tulips, ANY tulips, or a place to park, I decided I would really just be happier if we went home. I have never been too citified, but I loved Anchorage, and so I just always thought that I liked cities. To most people though, Anchorage does NOT qualify as a city. Which just shows what a hick I am. I just like greenness. And space. And streets that aren't one way. And having my husband doing the driving. I think my independent, sophisticated self vaporized sometime around.... well, to be honest, maybe it was more of a vain sort of illusion than a part of me.

So what made my Mothers Day weekend? Staying up late talking with Justin. A gorgeous fluffy sky-d Saturday. Meeting Owen's outrageously aggressive and haughty llama. Watching the kids play outside. New spring leaves. Doing taking-care-of-our-lawn stuff with Justin. Mowing the lawn. Rocking Gilbert to sleep. Garage sale. Sweet little hugs and kisses.

We tried this once. Senor Llama definitely thought it was beneath his dignity.

Immediately previous to Senor Llama biting Justin. Look at those long eyelashes though!

I will take all of that over Ottawa any day, every day, all day long. I love, love, love all that.

I will admit that I am slightly ashamed of how provincial and small town hickish I am.

So there you have it. No beautiful selection of tulip pictures, no enchanting city stories. Just sweet life.

There is some saying from a Mary Engelbreit Calendar that has hung on our fridge from CO, AK, to NY.

Just to be is a blessing. Just to live---is holy.

I am so lucky.


Lisa said...

Fun post, isn't normal life good? I love going to San Francisco for the day, but am SOOO happy to come home. Haven't been in ages, but think it wouldn be more fun when the kids are bigger.
I was thinking that the best present I had for mother's day- was a wonderful family. Just think how many people don't have that. So nice to enjoy the little things, this is real life! Levi is always saying "let's talk farmin', Dad", and I just love all those moments. Wish you lived closer! =)

Rebekah said...

I so whole-heartedly agree...I am NOT a city person. Love the simple joys at home.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

You got lots of pictures of spring beauties, just not tulips. Your daughters are delicious, and Gilbert is beyond awesome. Tell Senor Llama to behave himself. I'm glad you had a good weekend despite Ottawa's falling down on the job.

Verity Earl said...

Oh yeah, the city sucks! :P Well, I could show you an awesome time in the city, but SOMEONE never comes to visit. So blah. But listen, your kids are like the sweetest things ever, and I love them. You are certainly a most lucky mother.

Virginia said...

You know how long it's been since I've been to Ottawa?? Like hmm... 9 years this summer? Yikes! It's a real bummer the flowers didn't perform as expected. I, too, have always imagined there were large tracts of gorgeous tulips. Perhaps Ottawa has been doing some misleading advertising. But I loved the pics anyway! The European flair in North America is always a little mind boggling. And let me say that I do envy your life just a bit. This is going to make me sound like a baby-crazed, biological-clock-explosion, but I wish I had a husband and kids at times. Normally I'm cool by myself, but then I look at your blog, and Clover's blog, and Mary's pics, and I wish I had a bunch of offspring to cook dinners for. So I'm glad that you DO! And I think next time, take Justin and make him drive, and do it on a sunny day. Your city trip will be much more enjoyable!