April 26, 2011


We had a lovely weekend and a lazy Monday! We went to Whites as planned and came home at 10:30 Sunday night, completely exhausted. As you should be after all good weekends. Unless it is a good weekend where someone else is watching your kids. 

I am just going to put up pictures and you will get the general gist of the weekend.

Alright, I can't resist captions

These pictures are from Friday before we left. This is the new rototiller in action.
These rocks are from a 3x15 section of the garden. This is why people went west. And why there are stone walls all around New England.

Dirt is a beautiful thing. Accomplished in about 20 minutes what it would have taken Justin days to do.

Dad getting out the big rocks. The sky was so blue and the grass, so green. But it doesn't look it in this picture.


Caleb being young and tough (also avoiding studying for his finals)

Alex and Tori not overly impressed with Caleb's efforts thus far

I LOVE these daffodils! They are double or something. Clover has a patch of them.

I love this picture. He must have been singing or something.

Orianna's skirt after a fun afternoon!


A cute little flower that Whites have a lot of on their lawn. They bud bright pink and blossom white.

Picking flowers

Elliott making sure he gets the swing

Gilbert. and mud. They go together.

Cheyenne improving her mind

Spotting and decorating the dried eggs

Oh the focus!

Clover has pretty bowls.


Easter egg hunt

Tyring to keep them busy while the daddies hid the eggs in the back yard--Showing their dirty feet

I told them to hug, meaning put your arms around each other. This was cuter.

Mud was a big player through the weekend. It has been a wet, wet spring. And cold. Not pleasant, really.

I don't know. Eggs are exciting!

Evan and airborne Lincoln

So Rilla had to try it too!

Muddy legs

Chocolate egg hunt in the family room.

This was Gilbert with his oatmeal on Monday.

Orianna looking sweet

Lily chilling with her "fat" swimsuit (she wore this all day), a cushy rubbermaid, and goldfish. Life is good.

And now, we need to go to town and get some rubbermaid totes to put Winter things in. After a lowkey day yesterday, I decided at 6:30 to get the winter stuff out of the closet, as well as all the clothes that we don't wear. Clothes that never really suited the kids, things that never coordinated with anything I owned, things that I never was in love with, but that seeemed a shame to throw out, things that we have too much of (Lily had 12 jean skirts and 10 white t shirts, 6 of which had a spot somewhere). Laundry is my biggest bug-a-boo, requiring a lot of will power and motivation. So I decided to make it easier on myself by making room to put clothes away and by decreasing the number of clothes that the girls could theoretically pull out in the course of the day and get dirty. So now my living room looks like a bureau was disgorged into it. Actually several bureaus. And I need to get it all put away or in bags before the kids mix all my semi organized piles together.


Cecil and Amy said...

Fun blog! I LOVE the picture of silly ol' Lily in the clothes basket. She wore that ALL day?

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Oh, my, I'm glad I don't have that many clothes in my living room! Are you getting rid of lots of clothes, or just packing them away? Have fun!

JBCottens said...

She wore it for about 5-6 hours which is about as "all day" as Lily gets with clothes. :-) When Justin came home she said "Look at my swimsuit. It makes me look fat!" hahahah She may be the only female who gets happy about that!
I am getting rid of stuff, packing up winter stuff and things that are too small. I sort of wish my living room didn't have a lot of clothes in it either. I didn't get to put it all away last night as planned, so now I must get to it!

SZEMES said...

Hello dear friend, this picture is beautiful heads. Very nice family! Best regards from Hungary Imre

Have a wonderful day!!!

Virginia said...

Hahaha Lily reminds me a lot of Holly. They're both the cutest, coolest little oddballs. :-) And in general, I love the pics!