April 21, 2011


Now my blog is prettier! I actually want this background as wallpaper. I think wallpaper is really cool. With discretion of course. I don't know why it went out of favor so much. Old houses always have LAYERS of the stuff. Obviously people were really fond of their wall paper in the day. Now, it is pretty rare. Except in Country Living. Someday, I will have a wallpapered wall.

And I had to change the title of the blog. It just was false. I was thinking about changing it to "It's not just about me (but this blog is)" and then I realized that I like blog titles that I can look at and know whose blog it is. So there it is.

Gilbert had a sleepy day yesterday. To the point where I was getting nervous. He slept pretty continuously for 16 hours and then sporadically for about 5 more. This morning though, he is back in form, sitting on my lap, eating crackers (one of his well used words!), drinking milk, and occasionally whacking mummy or her glasses. Apparently this passes for 20 month old humor. And I am so pleased that he doesn't have any of the 3 dread diseases I thought up that I don't mind a bit! 

These past few nights, Lily has been convinced there is a bear in the vicinity. More precisely, in her room. Bedtime is becoming nature study time. She wants to know where do bears live? Brown bears are mean right? Are they near here? Can bears lift up houses? Orianna tends toward lions and wolves. Where is Africa? It is far, far, FAR away? Wolves only live where it is cold don't they? They have been listening to Little House in the Big Woods at night, which does figure bears, but they have listened to it at night for about 8 months now and never minded bears before. We love Laura books! We rotate through the first 3 Laura books and Farmer Boy. They are great bed time listens, since they are fairly gentle, no villians (except bears, panthers, and wolves) and the tapes or CD's are long. A lot of story tapes are pretty short, which means they end so often the kids feel the need to holler and have you flip it over or choose another one. Not a good recipe for sleep. And too, I don't feel the need to critique Laura or think she needs a good hard spanking. A lot of fairy tales are really bizarrely stupid. And some of the Disney ones have main characters that are wildly annoying and villians who are so fakely one dimensional. Which is probably how it has to be for kids, but I get tired of them!

                                                  On the way to Saranac Lake

One of Owen's fat roosters.

Gilbert has learned how to play on his harmonica. Play being used pretty loosely here.

The Girls and a lamb that has to be bottlefed by Livvie and Tori.

Justin and Gilbert this morning. I love these guys!


Lisa said...

I like wallpaper too- just the border kind. Had to strip some of the ancient stuff in the bathroom and it's gross. A border comes off so nicely, although the newer wallpaper should too. Anyway, the Laura books are favorites here too, thanks again for all the CD's so now we don't always have to read them! =) Sounds like Gilbert is getting ready to grow again! =)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I LOVE the picture of Gilbert with Justin's lunch. What a cute little boy! Tell the girls there are NO bears in Central Square!

Virginia said...

Is it annoying if I post on EVERY blog you write? I ditto Clover on Justin and Gilbert being wicked sweet together. I don't think that's exactly what she said, but whatever. Also, your redecorating of your blog made ME redecorate yesterday! I'll help you put up this wallpaper if you can find it in real life!

Verity Earl said...

Wallpaper is the worst. It's the worst to take down, and it's the worst to put up. I would not help you. But I do enjoy stories about little girls who want to know exactly how far away Africa is. :)

Rebekah said...

At least our kids won't have the issues we have had moving into older homes!! None in this house anymore....just lots of COLOR! We were just discussing this issue the other day and I was thankful that wp is a thing of the past, but I'm betting it will come back. ;)