February 22, 2016

Snowy Cousins

We spent a goodly part of our winter break at Clover and Evan's. Justin is in California for some truss designing training, so I decided to descend on Clover and Evan and have some adult interaction. 

They live in a major lake effect snow belt. They get snow a lot. The kids loved it!



Deep snow



For the first few days, it was below zero. Then it warmed up and rained, creating giant slush puddles. It never really was perfect weather for outside play. 

Cheyenne and Elsie, reading.

From the front. 

Lily with her stuck together mittens and snow wet dress

A frosty Sunday morning. It was 16 below zero

Morning sunlight

The quantity of snow they got over the course of two or three days. 

Evan trying out the boiling water sublimation thing Sunday morning. The kids were suitably impressed. 

The cloud of boiling water.

I really  like sunshine-y snowy woods.

Sunday evening ice cream


It snowed pretty heavily on Tuesday I think it was. 

Looking outside from a cozy inside is a rather delightful pastime. 

Struggling home again from a long walk to their fort.

Aunt Clover cuddled and read to the little left behind kids.

Stirring hot cocoa

Hot Cocoa lineup 


Cecil and Amy said...

Looks like a great cousin time! I had to laugh at the Sunday morning boiled water experiment. Down South, once the temperature goes below 70 degrees, the winter coats come out. I am NOT kidding. But Evan, Lily and Cheyenne (at least) are in their shirt sleeves at -16! I doubt they were out there long, but still!

Gorgeous winter pics as usual!

Virginia said...

Lovely pics. <3