February 12, 2015

The Barn in winter

These pictures are mostly for my siblings. Unless you like winter farm pictures.

Drifted snow

Crusty snow

Wind smoothed snow 


Roosting hens

This is the hook we hung the milking machine on. The chickens love them.


Horse end through snowy window

This is what the calf barn looks like now, after Owen and Cody did some remodeling.

Beauty saying hello

It is quite a nice space! It is going to be used as a free stall kind of thing for the cows.

Peeling whitewash, spiderwebs and dust

Baler twine in the sunshine

Licking his nose

Winter coat 

End of barn

I love how the sunlight hits different spots

Tack and chain in the milkhouse 


Top of the bulk tank. Snow helmets and old syrup bottles.

I am repeating myself now. But I like this picture too.

Dad heading out to plow the driveway.

Being disgusted at me taking pictures of him. 

Lusterless sunset

But not all sunsets can be outrageous. Some are just quiet. 


Jolene Crites said...


Virginia said...

I know I say this quite a lot, but I just love your posts. You capture a sense of the North Country that I've only seen in person, and since I can't be there in person, it's a welcome respite from the city to see my home land.

Olivia Vaughan said...

Oh ma word. Love all of these!