April 21, 2014

Spring Break and Easter

Since the kids were on spring break and Justin was working on Clover and Evan's house, we headed down there early Thursday morning to spend a long weekend with them. It was warm-ish, sunshine-y, and perfectly lovely.

A blurry picture of Gilbert with Justin on his sheetrocking stilts. The kids were entranced with the stilts.

Elsie and Daddy hanging out in the attic, which is the current gathering/eating place, since it isn't going to be finished right away, so they don't need it clear for working. 

Kids outside, digging

What happens when kids hang out at construction sites. Barbies. 

The kids collected these from the woods

Girls, dolls, and a ham. Lincoln starts smiling as soon as the camera swivels in his direction. A lovely attribute in a four year old. 

The house. I have seen pictures, but I didn't get the perspective until I saw Justin's truck in front of it. It is a pretty good sized house! Perfect for lots of relations to descend on them for long weekends.

Evan, patiently letting the kids shovel with him. The occasional hoe to the wrist, shovel in face, and dirt all over. But they were terribly proud of helping.

Girls, hanging out

Lincoln in the sunshine

Evan and Elsie

Sweet Cheyenne

Dirty face Gilbert

Sunday morning kids

Silly cousins

Sweet White girls

Posers. Elliott was really in to posing. And Orianna looks so much like a Vaughan girl in this picture. Me, my sisters, my aunts, my grandmother--a little of them all.

Napoleon Linclon, sweet Rilla, peeking Lily, and Gilbert in the process of thinking up a silly face to make

The best one I got of them all. No idea why Lincoln had his hand in his shirt. Hopefully Clover fared better with her picture taking.

My Elsie girl

Kids and daffodils

I finally get Elsie to look at me and Lily gets distracted


Egg dying mayhem

Excited Lily

We use q-tips to make the eggs polka dot with the dye. Elsie loved the q-tips and carried them around, arranging them. 

The eggs

Hidden eggs

We found a nest to put an egg in, which was so cool.

Searching kids

Orianna on the hunt

Elsie hands and egg


Then we had to hide them again.

And put a different egg in the nest

Apparently I was not supposed to put things in this water, due to possible contamination. But I didn't know that. 

Egg and day lily shoots

Our eggs and a broken reflector

Gilbert was terribly weepy this weekend. Not sure why. Justin thought he was over-whelmed. Anyway, for whatever reason, he announced that he was going to go cry on the rock and he did. Sweet boy!

Lily and Elsie going to comfort Gilbert

Justin sat on a different rock and pretended to cry, which delighted Gilbert and gave up crying to come tell Daddy to be happy. 

Gilbert being cool, carrying Clover's keys

Telephone lines and bare trees

Then we brought out the bubble machine. $10 at Wal-mart. And then 6 AA batteries. It is worth it in my humble opinion. I love bubbles floating around. I also love egg dying and hiding eggs. I am secretly still 6 years old.

Gilbert was thrilled.

Elsie was excited and.... cautious.


Bubbles in the air

Bubbles all around


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Ha!! to getting better pictures. They're all silly goober kids. And we better have lots of descending relatives in our new house!

The McCoys said...

Great photos!! Love the pics of all the kids - adorable! And their house looks awesome and huge! Very cool.. thanks for sharing :)

Cecil and Amy said...

I LOVED these pics. Thanks for a picture of the Whites' house. I've been wanting to see it. A couple more comments- I totally agree with you about that picture of Orianna looking very Vaughan-like. Do I even see Ellen? Hopie? And...the picture and comment concerning Gilbert crying on the rock. OH MY! I even went OHHHHHHHH right out loud! Thanks for sharing. So good to see you guys not so long ago. hugs!