March 10, 2014

We try to start sugaring

We started tapping trees Friday. Or rather, we tried to start tapping Friday. We headed up to the woods on Friday afternoon in high spirits. Unfortunately, we don't have something as easy as an accessible sugar bush. We just use different parts of the woods where there is a cluster of maples. One of the best patches in almost a half mile or mile back in the woods. And this year, there is about 3 feet of snow everywhere. The tractor tried, but it didn't succeed. We had a wading-through-snow walk home in the evening light and decided to not tap those particular trees. At least not right now. It was a beautiful, springy kind of evening though, so all was not lost. 

Dogs following us 

Orianna making shadows

Our snow shadows

Getting into the deep snow

Our fearless captain

The way snow drifts around a tree

The stuck tractor

Walking home

Crusty snow

Curving weed 

Sunlight on our trail

Coming out of the woods

Winter fields

The other tractor on its way to pull out the stuck tractor

Tractor tire tracks


 Shop sunlight

Last summers thistles


Geri Douglas said...

Beautiful Pictures. Love the old car next to the barn!! Such a beautiful time of the year. The sun is stronger and casts such pretty shadows on everything!

Olivia Vaughan said...

I totes took a lot of these. I love the one of the sunny dogs at the beginning.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I'm still sad we didn't get to do any sugaring this year.