February 27, 2014

Winter Break

We had a lovely winter break. Uncle Tyler was here for a few of the days, which made the kids happy. They are pretty fond of Uncle Ty. The Whites came up and Clover and kids remained for most of the week. Since it wasn't bitterly cold, they were able to burn off energy outside. It was all lovely.

Tyler rebuilding some part of a tractor. 

I would like to take this moment to apologize for my picture taking abilities. My lens on my camera has finally given up, meaning I have to manually focus each shot, and I do not always get it right.

Enthusiasm over something 

Dad thinking he is clever, blocking his face with a clipboard so I can't get a picture of him. 

Elsie and her nanny, Cheyenne who loved taking care of Elsie. Elsie adores her.

The girls, posing as something I forget 

Lily was disgusted with me making her wear this particular sweater. 

Ashley's seashells

I love this piggybank

Silly boy-o's

An attempt at a boy picture. Lincoln curled into a fetal position, Gilbert being excessively cheesy, and Elliott having a hard time hanging on to Hoyt. 

Cuddled up

Owen and Ashley's Maple Avenue

Cheyenne rocking out

Gilbert and Penny

Lily running in the snow

Playing on the giant snow piles

Evan gave the kids turns driving the tractor

Snowy Penny

Penny about to bite Coyote's nose off

Tractor coming back

Lily in trees

Girls in trees

Best buds

Snowy tractor

Clearing off the table outside

Justin thrilled the kids by towing a little sled behind the tractor

Hollering, laughing, and singing Jingle Bells

Morning moon




Virginia said...

You guys! I love it! And where is Lily standing in her terrible sweater that has such lovely floors?

Bethaney said...

That is Owen and Ashley's floor. The floor is why I put that picture in there. :-)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Lily really was traumatized by that sweater, wasn't she.