May 17, 2012

Pictures and Apologies

Last year, I had to pay Google for photo storage, since the pictures I put up on the blog are way too big. Since then, I have decided to pretty much use my blog for photo storage. So all the pictures I like, I put up here. And I know that people can't possibly find them all as adorable and fascinating as I do. So I would like to apologize for that. But since we live in the land of the free, you don't have to look at them all. Forewarned.

Here is a bunch of pictures that I stole from Olivia's camera. from this past month or two. I did take some of them.

The girls wanted to wash Grandma's windows

Gilbert and Lily with the fish he got on his ambulance ride. He had a peppermint lodged sideways in his throat. It dissolved by the time we got to the hospital. Felt silly. But better silly than devastated. 

Lily the lamb holder. This lamb had baggy skin for some reason. Then Owen realized the mama wasn't producing milk as she ought. It is now a plump, well rounded lambie.

Love this picture

Trying to feed the lambs who don't want hay

The Cottens. For the next month or so anyway.

A wet violet. How charming!

Gilbert helping make pizza

Orianna and her newly lost tooth in a baggie

Goofy boy!

Going to pick leeks

Gilbert wanted to touch the ground a lot. So this is what our "walk" to the leeks was like. 

He recently learned "c'mere" and uses it a LOT

Apples to be

Newly blossomed trillium

Rilla, the leek bearer

Orianna with her slipped crown of hair

Lily's leek picking get up

A cute flower I see every spring, but have never figured out what it is. But then, Mary Earl Bregg put this link of facebook, which is a fabulous collection of NNY  wildflowers and I found out that this flower is called Spring Beauty. Which makes sense. 

Elliott and Orianna carrying the leeks home

Strawberry flowers

Walking home through the fields

A rooster with a crazy tail


Sheena said...

Love the family picture and the one of the girls in the window is awesome! It looks like it was professionally set up. You should enter it into a contest. Or at least print in as an 8x10:)

Sheena said...
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laura said...

So cute! I melted at the one of Lily and the lamb!

geri douglas said...

thanks for posting pics, love seeing them, love Oriannas cute pink boots, love the pic with the little lambs..

Connie said...

You (or Olivia) take such amazing pictures. I agree with Sheena- that one of them in the window is priceless!! Gilbert is growing up so fast too, what a little man! Love love love these

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Hey, I think Google is now giving more storage. Because I was hovering on the brink, and I never paid for storage, and I upload boatloads of pictures all the time and it never screams at me about my percentages. And I like all these pictures. It's hard not to like pictures full of Cotten kids.