March 21, 2012

I feel gypped

I am sitting here with the windows open to the 80 degree weather outside, hearing the birds twitter, which should make me feel happy. But I am not. Whine, whine. My crocuses are blooming. And it is 80. Crocuses are meant to peek through snow, not blossom brightly at 80. At this rate my lawn will be covered in dandelions at the same time my tulips and daffodils are out. Sigh. I like things to be as expected. I am sure this says something about me. Probably that I am a stick in the mud and boring.

I don't want summer weather in March. I want 40's that mellow into 50's. I don't want mosquitoes biting me in March. I want to just hear just the spring peepers for a few weeks before mosquitoes enter the scene. (And yes, I have to mentally say moss-kwe-toes in order to spell mosquitoes right.) It just feels all mixed up. I keep feeling like the baby will be coming soon, since this is the sort of weather I was expecting in June, when the baby is meant to be born. And for some reason, it is a shock to me to realize I have almost 3 more months before Baby-in-Utero is born.

I am complaining about the nicer than normal weather. I am a grouch. It is a grouchy sort of week I think. I am working on our NYS audit, which doesn't make me happy. The amount of paper and ink and adding and subtracting and ferreting out receipts, birth certificates, W-2's, and letters from schools and doctors saying my kids do exist is exhausting. My husband is leaving again for the weekend, which will be very fun for him, but makes me incline to melancholy. Gilbert has strep again, so I keep wondering who will get it next. And I have been low on energy, so there are several loads of laundry to be folded and put away, as well as a load of dishes that need to be washed. And now, with all this nice weather, I need to get out the rubbermaids and rehaul the closet so that my poor kiddos don't have to overheat in tights and long sleeves, all the while thinking "what if it snows in 2 weeks and all they have out are shorts and flip flops?" Which pretty much ensures that the rubbermaids of put away winter things will sit around for 3 weeks just in case we need them. And I am starting to get indigestion.

Isn't my life hard? No? Sigh.... I will now stir myself to go accomplish something, However, just for the record, I don't want to.

What a whine-y post. I apologize. I blame it on the La Nina and some sort of Arctic Oscillation which have kidnapped my beloved spring and plopped me down in the middle of June with no mental preparation.


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Okay, the answer is obvious. Come to my house for the weekend, away from receipts and errant dandelions. Orianna and Lily can wear White kid t-shirts, and play in our back yard. DO IT!

Virginia said...

Hey! I had one of those days today, too! Although I'm not pregnant, have no husband to peace out on me for the weekend, am not being audited, or have kids and a household to manage. So my complaints are less than your's. But I was still crabby and headachey all day, so I feel your pain. Somewhat. I think it's ok to have those days and it's especially ok since you've got a lot on your plate! Glory in your crabbiness; you're pregnant, you can do what you want! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Bet I wish I were there to help you even to pretend I was a spring peeper, I hope Gilbert gets over his strep quickly and no-one else gets it.

laura said...

I totally get this! Where is my puddle-wonderful spring? (:

Connie said...

You are ALLOWED to miss the joys of spring, ESPECIALLY when you're pregnant. Spring is the perfect pregnant weather!! Nice, but not too hot. Sunny, but not too scorching. Breezy, with little to no humidity. Ahhhh!! You never know though, perhaps you will have your spring, either way I will be wishing for a nice cool(dandelion free) summer for you xoxooxxo