February 11, 2012

End of December Pictures

I know I said I would seriously post pictures on Thursday. But clearly, that didn't happen. So I will do it on Saturday and call it good enough. I wouldn't ever trust me if I tell you I will do something by a certain time. I have unrealistic expectations of what can happen in the length of a day. Never trust unrealistic people.

And here we are.

This was a new game that had been a great deal on Amazon--Snack Attack. I think it would be better if I figured it all out a bit more. The kids liked it for the first 20 minutes or so. A game that was a HUGE hit with Orianna and Cheyenne was DUO, also from Amazon. It is a fairly mindless, quick game, which makes it nice for the parents that have been conned into playing. Actually, it was pretty fun and I offered to play with them several times.

Lincoln and Gilbert checking on the progress of siding the sugar house from the warmth of grandma and grandpa's bed.

An ICICLE! Fabulous! Look how thrilled she is! 

This next bunch are ones Tori took with my camera. Can't claim credit.

See the snow in the air? Blowing snow anyway...

I really like this picture. 

This is how Gilbert rolls with popcorn. A large bowl, a table top seat and limited, occasional sharing with others


And more games

My guys!

Making snow angels

Penny getting patted. 
The reason there is no Lily in these outdoor excursion pictures is because she was too busy in the house mourning her snow boots. For some reason, which I currently forget, her boots were at our house, not at Grandma and Grandpa's. Big deal, you say. It is a mile away, go get the boots for the poor child. But for some reason, it never seems that easy. So I tried to convince her to wear Orianna's meeting boots with socks, but that resulted in a Lily so sad that she didn't have the strength to stand on her feet, (otherwise known as puddling, an advanced pouting technique) which is a problem when it is near zero outside. So she went  and consoled herself (just barely) by reading 3 Tintins in quick succession . There were a LOT of tears shed over the stupid boots. But once I had told her to "adopt, adapt, and improve" and accept the fact that she had to wear Orianna's boots or nothing, I felt like I needed to stick to my guns and not be swayed by her excessive tears. I also felt like the tears were a result of being overtired, in which case, my sympathy is always strained to the point of "Go take a nap. NOW." I am a poor parent.

My footprints and a cats footprints. Cats are much busier at walking around my feet than I am walking on my feet. 

Chickens in the shop. Dad's favorite thing ever. Just ask him. "Stupid, cotten-picken' birds...." 

A snowy story on a snowy day with the Barkleys

Lincoln was poor and put upon and wasn't allowed to go outside too often. It WAS zero and the few times I took him out, he was painfully cold and wanting to go in within two minutes. So Clover let him pretend he was outside by wearing a hat and gloves. Made him feel important. 

Feeding cows. The highlight of the day.

Owen and Ashley

Elliott balancing so wicked cool-ly and Lily holding Princess the cat. 

And now comes my stint for wholesale stealing and copyright infringement. Otherwise known as taking pictures of Cristin's wedding from facebook and blogs of people who actually remembered their cameras. I HAD to have some sort of pictoral representation for my photobook. I just had to. 

Verity and Brad, the next married couple to be

No I am not wearing a small bird in my head and Justin does not have glowing antennae. I will admit to wearing the feathery hairpiece. But it does look like I am harboring a small bluebird in my bun. 

Hanging out in the library

Andrew, the groom

The normal Earl girls and their crazed sister, Nina. Hahaha

Cutting the cake. (I might mention that Nina did the fetching arrangement of candles and timepieces in the foreground. Clever girl.)

The young Vaughan girls

Nina and I being our normal calm and quiet selves

Roger and Jill

Mary, so glam.

Totally discussing something here

Alex practicing her celebratory New Year look

Aren't they sweet? 

Sparklers indoor. Naughty! But fun.

The new Parker meeting girl group. Well new as in about 13 years old. But still. It isn't the OLD group. 


Rebekah said...

LOL! DD1 said "Mom, she said..." Ha! Totally a mother's prerogative to say and not do!! Nice to see pics of Kristin's wedding. Love Gilbert and his popcorn bowl, that could so easily be ME.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Cheyenne has oft lamented that we don't own Duo. Something to look forward to at Grandma and Grandpa's (among 10,000 other things.) Like feeding cows-- that has been mentioned about 37 times. Also, I love the word "puddling", it does describe a particular, over-tired, good old-fashioned melt-down. And, I really need to get copies of these pictures when I am up there, I was pathetic at Christmas pictures, and I don't want my kids growing up thinking we did nothing in December 2011.