November 3, 2011

Waaaay too many pictures and tangents

Okay, here is the thing. I don't feel like blogging. Blogging would require me to get my camera cord, attach it to my camera and then to the computer, upload the pictures to the computer, look at them, consider re-touching them, throw out that idea since I don't feel like it, and then uploading them to this here blog in order and coherency. Waaaay too tall of an order for me. This is supposed to be my down time where I read a book or have a wee nap while Gilbert takes a nap. Gilbert took a 20 minute nap today instead of his usual 2 hour nap. I know, usually having a 2 hour break each day means no one is going to feel sympathetic towards me missing it today, but I would really appreciate it if someone could muster up just the teensiest bit of sympathy.


I am hearing, in the words of my brothers and sisters, "Get over it." Sigh.

I might as well blog.

After Gilbert interrupted my late lunch (of a toasted tomato sandwich. For some reason this felt really luxurious, probably because I am now buying tomatoes when I let a whole lot of tomatoes go bad in my garden this summer. Still, even if I had canned/frozen them, you just can't have a frozen tomato sandwich.) I brought him into my bed thinking that maybe if I cuddle him, he would go back to sleep and I could still have a mini break. As soon as I laid him down, giggling about the blankets going over him, he was up like a jack in the box, all grins and ready to do something terribly fun. Lily came in at this point and they commenced to climb all over me. As they sat on top of me hopping up and down I asked Lily if I looked like a train. She said "Yes, except you have a face. You are a face train!" Hilarious. A bit later, as they did tumbling tricks over me, she told me I was a playground--WITH A FACE! Here she dissolved in laughter and I gave up the rest idea as a bad bet and got up.

I decided to research Sour Cream iced cookies as the pictures from my camera upload. I have icing I need to use up and one of my friends bakes killer sour cream iced cookies but is hesitant to give away the recipe. In the days of google, nothing is off bounds. I now have 6 slightly different recipes I would like to try. Anyone up for a cookie party? I think I will make this one first. For no real reason besides it is from Taste of Home, which is somewhat reputable and the picture is the prettiest.

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies Recipe

Now that I have got that earthshaking decision made, I will now move on to pictures. Recently my camera decided to not work right. It was under the impression that the flash was not up when the flash was very clearly up. Once again, I took to google and after a few minutes with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, it was back in working order. I was relieved, since I thought it was a computer programming issue, which meant the camera was toast. Yay for the information age. 

I am SORRY. I am really tangental today. 

Not last weekend, but the weekend before, Owen and Ashley's foundation was poured. Dave and Lori Weaver were up to help out. Lovely fall weekend. And the foundation was all that it should be.

Justin came home late Wednesday night before the weekend. He got a hero's welcome because he is the most wonderful Daddy.

Gilbert was convinced he had to have Daddy pretty close to make sure he didn't disappear again.

What will one day be Owen and Ashley's driveway. Yeah, they have an avenue of maples. Isn't that fabulous?

Lori carrying Gilbert

Concrete guy, amish Ben, and all the rest of them.

Justin is one smooth guy

Ashley admiring what will one day be her kitchen. (I think that is the kitchen part)

A lot of talking happened.

A lot of honking happened.

A good thing Amish Ben was there, since everyone else is yappy.

Orianna was convinced that strawberry rubber boots would look terrible with this outfit. I am not sure the tie up sneakers look much better.

Ignorning the two guys and a dog, won't they have a lovely view? 

Ashley made yummy chili for lunch

Lots of cement-y rubber boots

Olivia and Fiona after 4 wheeling. David got the better of them 

At least they are smile-y while mud-splattered.

A squad of four wheelers

These next ones are Olivia's frost ones. I just really like them. 

New kitties

Gilbert the dragon heading out to the car

This was going to Orianna's Halloween parade

Orianna's teacher and her aides dressed up as piggies

There is Orianna, walking without a backward glance

A well matched student and teacher.

An ostrich rider. I am not sure I get it (am I missing a cultural reference here?) but it was funny.

Even dragons suck their thumbs. Several people thought he was a frog. Maybe because he is so un-fierce.

Heading out to trick or treat

The woodland fairy

The bumblebee

Tyler, Fallon (sp?),  Madison, and Ethan--Tyler is one of Cody's "friends" The quotes are here because Tyler and Cody are always trying to get the best of each other, which isn't what friends are for. They arrived just as we were leaving for trick or treating, so we went around town with them, which was fun.

Olivia and Tori came with us

These people had a most impressive display

Quite the bit of candy

Last weekend, so before Halloween, I begged Justin to show me how to build shelves. I really wanted to know how to do this, since I want shelves ALL OVER THE HOUSE. Pretty much anyway. So for a practice run, he helped me build a bookshelf for the kids room. I got to use power tools. And a kreg jig. I am cool.

This was the situation prior to the bookshelf. Unfortunately, having a nice bookshelf is not actually going to change Gilbert's take-every-book-off-the-shelf-before-settling-down-with-one habit, but we are working on correcting that as well. Still as you can see, way too many books for the flimsy plastic shelf that has been in heavy use all of it's 8 years of life. Seriously, that shelf has moved all over and is still good enough that I am going to save it for something. Cheap Wal-mart tough.  

The bookshelf in process

Orianna arranged this. I have no idea why, but it looks cute.

This is the state of it today. After unpacking 3 rubbermaids of books, I still have a fairly empty bottom shelf to store stuff. I am so excited. This probably doesn't look that great to you all, but to me, it makes my heart sing. Plus, as we were unpacking the rubbermaids, we came across a lot of the kids favorites that had been put away when I got tired of picking up the ENTIRE bookshelf every night. So now they have all the books they own right there. Just waiting for someone to throw them all over the room. I am just WAITING for someone to do that. I want to impress upon Gilbert, the criminality of that kind of behavior. 


Cathy said...

I will pity you because I know what that is like. The days when the babies decide against napping are hardest. I love that they are growing but there are days when I wish they were wee ones when they napped a few times a day. Ah well I will find ways to keep them busy and out of trouble. BTW I love your bookshelf. WAY TO GO!! :)

laura said...

I love your fairy, bumblebee and dragon! (: Cute!!

Verity Earl said...

Holly was a bumblebee too! You have great kids and a fun sense of humor and I love your posts. :) Congrats to Owen and Ashley! So exciting!

Sheena said...

Soo impressed with your bookshelf! Very nice. I have a project for you next time you come visit:)